Welcome Letter

Jo Savage

We are having lots of changes here at Wellingborough Homes in regards to positions on our Board. Keep an eye out on this site for more updates!

Who are we?

We are a locally based Housing Association in and around Northamptonshire with a commitment to: Develop a diverse range of new homes to meet local needs.

Work with our customers to provide great homes and value for money services.

Invest in communities where it supports our customers and protects our business.

Wellingborough Homes will work successfully with its customers and communities to provide great services and high-quality living environments.

Our mission statement of providing great services and high-quality living environments reflects the balance we strive to achieve between providing much needed new homes and ensuring we look after our existing estates and customers.

Our exciting ambitions include an agreement to develop an additional 1000 homes over the next 10 years in addition to the 600 already in our business plan, refinancing our current funding to support these ambitions, undertaking significant estate improvements and identifying areas for regeneration and working with Rentplus to provide an alternative rental and homeownership offer across Northamptonshire.

Wellingborough Homes is a financially strong organisation and well highly thought of organisation and the Members of the Board have a fantastic opportunity to lead us in the next stage of our journey.

Kind regards

Jo Savage
Chief Executive

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